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Relax, let us take the headache, you're on vacation!

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See-Sight Tours offers informative, private and personalized tours that suit your needs. Driving around looking for sights and attractions that Niagara Falls has to offer can be very frustrating and confusing. Your vacation time is much too valuable to be wasted in frustration and confusion. Relax and leave it to us!

See Sight Tours is your gateway to having memorable treasures to take home to share with family and friends.

Many people come to Niagara Falls and miss out on the many sights it had to offer because they are simply unaware that they exist. Our tours will allow you to do and learn more about Niagara Falls in 5-6 hours than many people would be able to do on their own in 2 days.

Why Choose See Sight Tours?

  • VIP ENTRANCES avoid long line ups and get VIP access to Major Attractions
  • EXPERIENCE the amazing history and fascinating stories, myths and legends of Niagara Falls
  • COMFORT pick up anywhere in Niagara Falls in our climate controlled vehicles
  • CONVENIENCE do more than most people could do in two days
  • SAVE on expensive parking fees and gas

We Do Hotel Pickups and Dropoffs Anywhere in Niagara Falls, Ontario

For more information please call us at 1-888-961-6584 or E-Mail us at

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