Wainfleet - Bog & Conservation Area


Welcome to Wainfleet, the home of the Marshville Heritage Village, located southern part of Niagara on Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada. The south side of Wainfleet is called Long Beach and the township of Wainfleet includes fifteen communities.

Wainfleet is a great summer destination for the whole family. For a relatively low cost your family can enjoy several camping and resort areas, the warm beaches of Lake Erie, and the clean country air. Wainfleet is conveniently located on highway #3.

Explore the Wainfleet Conservation Area. The Wainfleet bog was formed thousands of years ago is the only wetland in the Niagara Peninsula. The wetland is spread across 1,460 hectares in size. You can find rare plants, singing birds, butterflies and animals while hiking through the wetland area. No Horse riding. Smoking and fire not permitted.

Wainfleet Wetland Bog

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