Niagara Daredevils

Niagara has had many different faces since the arrival of the Europeans in the late 17th century. Perhaps the most exciting and missed period of Niagara's rich history deals with the "daredevils." A daredevil is one who decides risk his or her life for fame with necessary precautions and survive. The late 19th century Niagara saw the arrival of a new breed of adventurer who was ready, willing and able to go over the falls or walk over the falls for a few brief minutes of fame.

The long list of Niagara Falls daredevil history starts with Annie Taylor and the spirit of adventure continues in various forms in Niagara Falls. Due to various reasons stunting and adventures were banned in Niagara Falls till Nik Wallanda's Historic Wire Walk over the Falls in 2012, which was started with James Hardy in 1896. Their daring acts are chronicled here in our Daredevil Gallery.

Niagara Falls Daredevils

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