Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones

The last person to survive a trip over the falls was a 40 year old Canton Michigan man named Kirk Jones. On October 20th, 2003 Jones was spotted in the water by tourists near the brink of the falls clad only in street clothes.

Seconds later he was last seen going over the falls to the horror of onlookers. Moments later he was rescued near the shore of the Journey Behind the Falls attraction.. He had survived the plunge over the falls with only minor bruising!

Although initially it was believed that Mr. Jones had attempted to take his own life, his story would change somewhat over the years. In late 2003 Mr. Jones was fined $4,500.00 for being convicted of mischief and performing an illegal stunt.

He attempted a stunt again in 2017 (after 14 years of his first illegal stunt survival) by going over Niagara Falls in a large inflatable ball. The stunt failed and Jones died. Jones's body had been found in the Niagara River near the village of Youngstown at the mouth of Lake Ontario. The 10-foot ball, which someone could get inside, was found spinning in the rapids above the falls. It went over the falls and was recovered by the Maid of the Mist boat.

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