Honeymoon City The Ideal Honeymoon Destination Niagara Falls!

Honeymoon City

Historically, Niagara Falls was established as the ideal honeymoon destination by the French in the early 1800s. It has been said that Napoleons brother, Jerome Bonaparte, travelled by stage from New Orleans to spend his honeymoon in Niagara Falls, and returned home with flowing reports. Since virtually everyone emulated royalty as much in that era as they do today, Niagara Falls has become the HONEYMOON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: Niagara Falls has a mystique unequalled anywhere. One word can be used to describe why thousands of honeymooners and second-honeymooners come to our city each year - Romance. Romantic getaways, secluded picnic areas, dense trees, fragrant flowers and the sound of broods and waterfalls set the scene by day; intimate little restaurants, candlelight and wine by night.

Today, engaged couples choose Niagara Falls as their honeymoon destination twelve months of the year, but especially May through October. Every type of special once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon suites in Niagara Falls can be found at the major hotels.

Since Niagara Falls loves "LOVERS", every honeymoon couple receives an official honeymoon certificate signed by our Mayor - a treasure for years to come. Along with the certificate the bride receives a free pass to many of the local attractions.

The official honeymoon certificates are available from:

Niagara Falls, Canada Visitor & Convention Bureau
5515 Stanley Avenue
Niagara Falls ON
L2G 3X4

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