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Niagara Falls Wind Tunnel Skydiving

Welcome to Niagara Freefall, an Indoor Skydiving Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Niagara Freefall Skydiving Centre is the first of its kind in allover Canada. The environmentally controlled Niagara Freefall is a wind tunnel skydiving centre built in vertical ensuring the safety of the flyers.

Niagara Freefall Indoor Wind Tunnel Skydiving Centre is designed and integrated with advanced technologies, that are enabling even a 7 year old kid to experience the thrill of skydiving without the support of a parachute. Still skydiving a dream? No prior experience is essential. If you are one with normal physical health with proportionate height (minimum 42') and weight (maximum 260 lbs), you can experince the skydiving at Niagara Freefall.

There will be a 25 minutes training class and safety session before you sky dive. Children under 18 years of age will not be permitted to enter the Niagara Freefall without the consent of parent or guardian.

Niagara Freefall
& Interactive Center Games

Niagara Freefall extreme skydiving

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground...... try the latest interactive skydiving games and sports in the games centre.

Boasts the cutting edge of interactive arcade games. Always something for everyone. A great place to let loose while visiting Niagara.

extreme sky diving sports

Experience the thrill of skydiving in a safe environmentally controlled indoor vertical wind tunnel. Fly in an a column of air at speeds of 120 mph. All flyers are given 25mins of pre-flight training and safety orientation.

Flight suits and safety equipment is provided. You've seen it on T.V. now you will be able to experience for yourself. Great fun for the whole family.

Open and safe to all ages. Another extreme action sport.


The next entertainment phenomenon!

What is Lazerball? Lazerball is a great new fast-paced and exciting indoor attraction.

Lazerball is paintless paintball game which uses soft safe reusable foam balls.

There is no mess. It's an exciting pursuit game played similar to Lazertag and Paintball. Its filled with fun and adrenalin and is very simple to play.

Lazerball playfield has numerous bunkers to hide behind yet still allows all players to view the entire playing area and provides for an extremely safe playfield.

Safety protective equipment is provided for all players.

Lazerball is fun for all ages.

Mechanical Bull Ride

You've see it on TV and in movies so come try it for yourself and ride our mechanical bull, it's fun for all ages!

After riding the bull you can purchase your very own DVD, so you can remember your action packed ride forever.


Experience the thrill and exhilaration of climbing a 32 ft . high rock wall. Challenge your friends to beat your time or try and get the record for the fastest climb. Climbers are always kept safely strapped in. Another extreme sport adventure found only at Niagara Freefall

For more information please call (905) 356 9764 or Toll free 1-800-238 9407

Niagara Freefall
& Interactive Center Groups

Niagara Freefall

Skydiving for Corporate Groups

Looking for a unique enhancement to your firm's visit to Niagara Falls?

To congratulate your team for a job well done Niagara Freefall offers group access to one of the most exciting new sports in all of Canada.

When your group flies, it is an amazing team building experience. Indoor skydiving is great for Team Bonding; Reward and Incentive Programs; Impressing your Clients and a great confidence builder.

Flight packages can be arranged for larger groups and can incorporate other of our exciting team building attractions such as Lazerball (indoor paintless paintball) and Mechanical Bull Ride... it would definitely make for an action packed day!

We have facilities to host your meetings and offer catering services to your group.

Scale your experience to fit your budget.

Exclusive Tunnel rental for your corporate group is $1,000.00 per hour.

Contact us directly and we will structure a package to suit your group needs.

Niagara Freefall

Birthday Parties

(Not Just For Kids)

Niagara Freefall is the most exciting birthday celebration venue for all ages. Fulfill your child's dream to fly.

Give the child the birthday of a lifetime. We offer exhilaration coupled with the freedom of flight Canada's only World Class vertical wind tunnel.

Birthday packages include 36 minutes of tunnel time, good for up to 12 people, flight training class, flight gear, full guidance by a certified instructor, and a commemorative birthday DVD of your group and a Freefall t-shirt. The entire experience will take about 1 and a half hours.

This package entitles your group to exclusive use of the flight chamber and use of the Party Room (bring your own food and drinks).

Birthday Party Package: $700.00

For more information please call Toll free 1-800-238 9407

Niagara Freefall
& Interactive Center Skydiving Packages

Single Flight Pass: $ 70.00
You will enter the wind tunnel in groups of up to 5 and will share a 15 min flight (3 min per person).

Repeat Flight: $45.00
Purchased same day as Single Flight, same person.
Book of 5 Flights: $200.00

Purchased after Single Flight, same person.

Coaching Package: $325.00
5 Flights with Video and Instructor debriefing, same person.

Family Fun Package: $325.00
15 min Family Block (up to 5 flyers)

Exclusive Tunnel Rental: $ 1,000.00
Per Hour Rate. Best choice for larger groups. You will have exclusive use of wind tunnel facilities with a certified instructor. We will divide 60 mins of flight time among the participants equally.

Skydiver Package: $800.00
Per Hour Rate. Experienced Skydivers looking to further their skills can purchase 60 min blocks of private tunnel time.

Birthday Package: $700.00
36 minutes of tunnel time, good for up to 12 people, flight training class, flight gear, full guidance by a certified instructor, and a commemorative birthday DVD of your group and a Freefall t-shirt. The entire experience will take about 1 and a half hours.

All Flight Packages Include the Following

  • Basic flight training class with a certified instructor (you will learn the basics of body flight, safety, and hand signals used in the tunnel).
  • All flight gear required to fly in the tunnel; helmet goggles, flight suite knee and elbow pads, ear plugs, gloves and running shoes if you need them.
  • DVD video of your entire flight or group flight is available for an additional fee.

For more information please call Toll free 1-800-238 9407

Niagara Freefall
& Interactive Center Coaching

Coaching Programs - This will be one on one skydiving training by Certified Professional (CSPA) (USPA) Instructors to meet special skydiver's needs.

Programs are designed to polish on your bodyflight skills. You will learn greater awareness and your control will become more precise.

We can design a training program to help you with virtually every aspect of skydiving. Another asset that greatly enhances your advancement is our use of video. With coaching programs, every tunnel flight you make is recorded.

Video briefings give you an important perspective to judge your performance and understand your mistakes.

In one weekend, you can attain skydiving skills that would take months to master at the drop zone. At Niagara Freefall, there are no bad weather days and no rigs to pack; just freefall time in the wind tunnel.

Niagara Freefall offers a 5-Flight Coaching Package for those who are having trouble with the basics. You determine your training goals and we focus the instruction to help you achieve your objectives such as body awareness, heading and stability.

The 5-Flight Coaching Package includes five flight sessions in the tunnel, a video of all your tunnel time, and personalized coaching between each flight. This Coaching Package costs $325.00 and will take about 4-5 hours. Please pre-book all Coaching Packages.

For more information please call Toll free 1-800-238 9407

Niagara Freefall
& Interactive Center Coaching

Niagara Freefall and Interactive Center is conveniently located in the heart of the Niagara Falls Tourist District and just up the hill from the new Fallsview Casino!

If you're looking for family affordable accommodation in Niagara Falls check out The Rainbow Motor Inn right across from Niagara Freefall

For more information please call Toll free 1-800-238 9407

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