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Niagara Falls Attractions


Bring your kids, sweetheart and the whole family to Niagara Falls, the greatest fun spot in Ontario, Canada. Other than the breathtaking Niagara Falls, there are several exciting attractions that families sure to go and enjoy. If happiness and delighted days are the pillars that together build colourful memories, many attractions in Niagara Falls are places you should never missed in life!

From family fun spots to kids attractions, untamed nature trails and sights, the Niagara Falls is a place where you get everything for everyone. Visit Niagara Falls - play together - jump in - hike through - there are too many things to see and do in Niagara Falls for a day or long.

The Niagara Falls attracts millions of families or honeymooners each year, is without doubt, one of the most visited family destinations in the world. Fishing and swimming spots, biking trails, the Niagara Falls attractions and activities stretch for all age groups with distinct likes and dislikes. If you simply love to see the beauty of nature - the breathtaking Falls, alluring sights, the mist - go ride in a helicopter to have a bird's-eye view of the Falls or else in a roller coaster, plunge into the Devil's Hole Rapids aboard the Whirlpool Jet Boats - Niagara Has it All! Just hang out, there is no place like Niagara Falls!

Action and excitement are the order of the day. Go to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, the place where attractions that thrills and chills you. Ripley's Believe it or Not, Nightmares Fear Factory and the 53 metre high Niagara Skywheel are the three main family attractions located here.

If you are one looking for a learning vacation, get it here! There are plenty of places to explore - discover and experience, go through all the attractions available in Niagara Falls, you will understand why families and young return to Niagara Falls year after year.

See birds so close, feed and love them. Nature lovers flock to the Niagara Falls Bird Kingdom, the place where more than 300 species of tropical birds are kept in a controlled area, mimics a tropical rain forest. Niagara Falls attractions also include a beautiful Butterfly Conservatory. Over 2,000 beautiful butterflies flutter freely about in a glass enclosed natural environment, is absolutely an amazing sight. If it's bigger, wild animals that interest you and your choice for visit, go to Safari Niagara, a place with kids playgrounds, concerts, water park and aquarium, is surely a great way to spend a whole day in Niagara Falls.

Who never likes watching huge ships coming! Go to the Welland Canal and watch the ships climb the locks from Observation Platform, is another most fascinating man-made attraction in Niagara Falls.

Plan a trip a bit differently, in every sense Niagara Escarpment offers it. Hiking, sightseeing, fishing, biking and in the very way you like it to be. Take the whole family for a relaxing stroll through the pathways along the Niagara River. The river also brings fishing opportunities. See the Falls in all its splendour! The illuminated Niagara Falls is majestic in the dusk and Fireworks over the Falls scheduled all summer long and throughout the year.

The Niagara Falls is a favourite destination for kids and adults alike. Unlike any other destinations in the world, Niagara Falls has spots and attractions that cater everyone's tastes. With new attractions and events , Niagara Falls continues to grow and attracts more and more people through the year!

Popular Niagara Falls Attractions

Butterfly Conservatory
Guinnes World Records Museum
Bridal Veil Falls
Adventure City
American Falls
Bird Kingdom
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